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When you visit the office of Dr. Eric Pastrmac, your well being is his top priority!
Our entire chiropractic team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.

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Mastering Health – Book One the Active Stretch introduces DDB 15/10, the method of diaphragmatic breathing to increase health longevity and strength.   Get yours on Amazon or pic up your own copy at our clinic.

About Dr. Pastrmac

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Do You Have Pain?

Pain may be a symptom of a bigger problem because it may mean there is pressure on a nerve.  Ask your doctor about how important your nervous system is to your overall health.


4 Way System:

One of the top aerospace engineers becomes, after 20 years of spine correction , one of worlds most effective spinal mechanics.  We have the most effective 3 way system of correcting the spine.
1.  X-ray analysis to determine pelvic issues, atlas issues lower and upper elements that are key factors in spinal reconstruction.
2.  Instrumentation to determine and confirm X-ray findings.
3.  Anatomically correct system of spinal movement and realignment.

4.  Active Stretch…( see Mastering Health-Book One the Active Stretch on Amazon)